Client Solutions

For you as a bank, a wealth or asset management provider or any other financial services institution,  we at Fintelligence are delighted to offer you the individual solution that you wish in order to further develop your human resources. We follow a four step advisory approach and defined several typical target groups that we are used to work with.

Consultancy approach

In order to make sure that we offer your leaders and employees the most effective development measures that lead to desired sustainable outcomes, we follow a four step consultancy approach.


Range of programmes

In order to provide your human resources the development measures that fit, we defined the following critical range of programmes.


Banking Compliance E-Learning Courses

The Banking Compliance E-Learning Courses include all topics relevant to a modern organization: Anti-Money Laundering, Data Security, Code of Conduct, Cross Border, AEOI, FATCA, FinSA and Investment Suitability.


ESG for investment and finance management

This series of online learning modules provides you with the essential ESG know-how in order to advise your clients on ESG topics. You obtain extensive insights on different approaches to integrate ESG into financial products, specifically in investment and credit management.


Fit for FinSA

With the introduction of FinSA and FinIA, financial service providers and their employees face new challenges. Prepare yourself effectively for the extended regulatory requirements.


Resource resilience for client advisors at banks

The ‘Resource Resilience for Client Advisors’ training program develops the skills and abilities of client advisors in a targeted and sustainable manner. Client advisors learn methods that will make them competent and confident in exchanges with the client.


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