Consultancy Approach

In order to make sure that we offer your leaders and employees the most effective development measures that lead to desired sustainable outcomes, we follow a four step consultancy approach:

  1. Understanding your needs and your criteria for success
  2. Making a proposal to meet your needs
  3. Delivering a pilot and rolling out the programme
  4. Measuring and evaluating progress and success

Understanding your needs and your criteria for success


In the first step, we may need to understand your current situation, your business model and product offering, as well as your needs with regard to development and training of your workforce. Based on your organisation’s current status and where you envisage to be, your workforce may go through a shift in mindset and attitude and acquire additional technical skills and behavioural competencies.


We endeavour to understand and work with your specific objectives and timeframes. In addition, we look at how success of the programme is defined and measured, as well as  how we can face unforeseen circumstances together.


In order to fully understand your specific situation and your needs, we use various means, such as interviews with key parties involved in the change process, as well as online and onsite tests and assessments.

Making a proposal to meet your needs

In the second step, you shall obtain a clear and detailed proposal of how we recommend to design the project. We present our suggested approach in terms of necessary resources, suggested timelines and achievements that you can expect.


The development programme may include various interventions, be it physical or digital. Fintelligence maintains one of the largest online platforms for training and assessment targeted at financial institutions and their employees. It contains more than 2,500 screenviews and is available in several languages.


In particular, the learning transfer of the development and training initiative into the everyday business at the workplace and its long-term impact is close to our hearts and deserves our utmost consideration.

Delivering a pilot and rolling out the programme


Once we have agreed on the approach of the development initiative, we may suggest to run a pilot programme with a designated group of participants. This group may consist of one specific location or a key target group of your institution. However, it should represent the entire population as closely as possible.


We will carefully evaluate the results of the pilot group against the set benchmarks and validate them, taking into account the background of the total population. As a result, we tweak and finetune the programme to ensure it fulfils your needs to the best extent possible.


Subsequently, the development programme is rolled out on the scale that you wish. We stay in constant contact with you as our client to ensure that the programme continues to meet your expectations and make adjustments if and when your needs change over time.

Measuring and evaluating progress and success


After finalising the development training programme, we gather feedback from delegates, sponsor and trainers, and carefully analyse the outcome against the pre-defined development targets.


The evaluation of the progress achieved by the participants and the organization as a whole is most critical. This also is a crucial starting point to recommend and plan further initiatives to continue with the overall development process.

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