SAQ Client Advisor Certification

What is Client Advisor Certification in accordance with SAQ?

  • The certificate “bank client advisor” attests that you, as a practitioner, possess in-depth know-how in banking, extensive knowledge regarding financial products, and outstanding consulting skills, all of which enable you to offer excellent advice to your client.
  • You acquire an attractive certificate in your specific client segment, for example in wealth management, retail banking or commercial banking; this lays a solid foundation for your credibility and for building trust with your clients and may open development opportunities in your career in your institution.
  • The certification requirements ensure high quality standards. The certificate “bank client advisor” is in line with the international ISO standards (ISO 17024) for certification of individuals, and is recognized by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS and by SECO (Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs).

Which certifications do we offer?

Fintelligence provides training and certification programs tailored to your specific client advisor role:

Which components do the certification programs include?

  • You attend class-room courses to further develop your communication and dialogue skills.
  • You attend specialized tutorials or training sessions that are offered on various banking-related topics.
  • In addition, the comprehensive, interactive Fintelligence Banking & Finance and Bank Compliance library of Fintelligence available to you. The online platform includes all relevant content and various simulation tests.
  • At the end of this learning process you can acquire the certificate of your target client segment by completing a written and oral exam (in accordance with SAQ standards).

How can you participate in the certification program?

You qualify to participate in the certification examination, if either at the time of registration or of examination:

  1. You are employed by a financial institution;
  2. You are responsible for a client book (i.e. you are providing advice to clients), or you are a specialist in direct contact with clients;
  3. You are supported by your employer (a financial institution).

The examination consists of a written and an oral section. Prerequisite for participating in the oral test is the successful completion of the required written test(s).

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