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IDTitleCreditsPrice SAAMCourse descriptionOrder
1031Portfolio Management6CHF 320Order now
1051Derivatives – Options, components of the option price and value of the option6CHF 320Order now
1052Derivatives – Option indicators, option strategies I, option strategies II and exotic options6.5CHF 360Order now
1061Investment funds4.5CHF 275Order now
1091Structured products – Structure, features, product categories and risks4CHF 225Order now
1092Structured products – Capital protection, yield optimization, participation and leverage products6CHF 320Order now
1101Foreign exchange, Precious metals, Commodities, Real estate5.5CHF 320Order now
1102Alternative Investments3.5CHF 225Order now
1141Discretionary and advisory mandates, Lifecycle-oriented financial planning and Behavioral Finance4CHF 225Order now
1161Taxes3.5CHF 225Order now
1221Internal codes of conduct3.5CHF 225Order now
1231Data security and confidentiality2CHF 125Order now
1241Investment Suitability & Appropriateness under MiFID II2CHF 125Order now
1061/1031Investment funds & Portfolio Management10.5CHF 500Order now
1051/1091Derivatives I & Structured products I10CHF 475Order now
1052/1092Derivatives II & Structured products II12CHF 530Order now
1101/1102Foreign exchange, Precious metals, Commodities, Real estate & Alternative investments8.5CHF 435Order now
1221/1231Internal codes of conduct & Data security and confidentiality5.5CHF 320Order now

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