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Fintelligence e-learning on crypto: Bitcoin halving

Have you heard about the upcoming ‘Bitcoin halving’ event? Are you interested to learn about what this means in particular for the price of bitcoin? Then have a look into this video, which also puts this bitcoin halving event into the perspective of broader crypto market trends. Also look at our brand-new series of e-learnings on crypto assets and crypto investing.

15.04.24 – Duration : 4:07min

Fintelligence ESG e-learning modules

Get an understanding of the different ESG concepts and data applied in asset management, including investment strategies and shareholder engagement, as well as financing.

10.08.23 – Duration : 2:43min

Fintelligence Expert Contribution 6: Errors that Private Investors make

These are the biggest mistakes that financial investors often make.
This is not new, but nevertheless true: Learn more about the most common financial mistakes that private individuals make and how to avoid them. Learn how to invest more successfully!

30.06.22 – Duration : 4:08min

Fintelligence Expert Contribution 5: What are SPACs?

Are SPACs going to become the most common way for companies to go public? Have you ever wondered how they work? Watch our short explainer video to find out!

19.05.22 – Duration : 4:23min

Fintelligence Expert Contribution 4: Attributes of successful Client Advisors in Wealth Management

What does it take for a Client Advisor to be successful in Wealth Management? Watch our Explainer Video from John Koh, who has been working as a business consultant in Asia/Pacific markets for more than 15 years.

17.02.22 – Duration : 2:29min

Fintelligence Expert Contribution 3: QE Tapering – Time to Jump Off the Boat?

Central Banks have started to signal QE tapering and markets are turning more volatile. Have you thought about the implications for investing?

09.02.22 – Duration : 3:39min

Fintelligence Expert Contribution 2: What are meme stocks?

Meme stocks, such as Gamestop and AMC have been in the news a lot recently. Have you ever wondered what they are?

23.08.21 – Duration : 4:22min

Fintelligence Expert Contribution 1: Dual Class Shares Explained

Dual-class shares have been in the news a lot recently, especially after Deliveroo’s ill-fated IPO. Have you ever wondered what they are?

09.07.21 – Duration : 7:00min

Fintelligence Consultancy Approach

We work with over 50 financial institutions around the world and are happy to help you develop their talent. The progress and development of your employees is of utmost importance to us.

24.02.21 – Duration : 3:56min

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