Online SAQ recertification: ESG for investment and finance management

This series of online learning modules provides you with the essential ESG know-how in order to advise your clients on ESG topics. You obtain extensive insights on different approaches to integrate ESG into financial products, specifically in investment and credit management.

SAQ Recertification: ESG e-learning and e-testing

The ESG online library comprises of six modules.

  • The first module provides an overview of the ESG philosophy and explains the drivers and challenges of ESG investing. It helps the learners to obtain a general understanding on the reasons why ESG has become so critical.
  • Module 2 takes a deep dive into the various ESG investing strategies and shows their applicability in practice.
  • Module 3 explains the key components of ESG loan and credit business in detail, including rating and pricing of ESG risks.
  • The fourth module gives an overview of international and Swiss regulations, including the ESG guidelines of SwissBanking, FINMA and relevant EU regulations.
  • With module 5, you deepen your understanding of ESG indicators and ratings and the relevant data requirements in order to come up with a solid analysis.
  • With the final module 6, you gain an understanding of the ESG concepts of stewardship and engagement and understand how it is put in place in various scenarios.

The modules build on each other and allow bank personnel to get a first-hand expertise right from the beginner’s level. They contain a variety of interactions, including illustrations, graphs, videos, and links to other relevant sources.

In addition, you can continuously check learning progress by conducting tests.

Your benefit

You obtain a profound and deep understanding on how trends in ESG influence the world of banking and financial services products and change the behaviors of everyone in business.

You will understand how private and corporate clients should be advised, when it comes to investing funds and financing with an ESG perspective.

You get an understanding of the different ESG concepts and data applied in asset management, including investment strategies and shareholder engagement, as well as financing.

You meet the current regulatory requirements (e.g. FINMA and self-regulation of SwissBanking).


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Target audience and accreditation

Client advisors in banking, asset management, credit management and other financial services; financial specialists and middle and back office employees.

The online modules are accredited by the Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ) as recertification measures.


Downloadable Flyer

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Fintelligence SAQ Recertification: ESG modules for investment and finance management


The concept and philosophy of ESG and its benefits for the institution as well as for everyone in the business and society

Drivers and developments of the ESG market

Trends and different ESG concepts in ESG investments

ESG investment solutions by various asset classes

Benefits and challenges of ESG investing

Incorporation of ESG philosophy, criteria and data into investment decisions

Stakeholder Engagement, stewardship and investor engagement

ESG in financing and credit management

ESG Regulations (Guidelines of SwissBanking, FINMA and EU Regulations)

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Refresh your existing SAQ certificate independent of time and location.

The offer “Fintelligence SAQ Recertification: ESG e-learning modules for investment and finance management” includes:

  • E-learning
  • Final online test


Duration: 8 hours

Price: CHF 420 excl. VAT.





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