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You want to ensure a successful and efficient start for early career professionals and ensure they are “desk-ready” by gaining the required skills and competencies.

At Fintelligence we are committed to the development of young professionals. As a team, we have decades of experience in training and development. Fintelligence have been involved in the design and delivery of numerous graduate programmes in Asia and Europe. We can help you make the best use of the time and resources in developing your new joiners’ skills and competencies.

Our development programmes emphasize interpersonal skills across cultural boundaries as well as technical skills relating to banking, finance and compliance. In addition to professional behaviour in the banking context, we also address the key challenges of our times, such as digitalisation, globalisation, diversity and inclusion and the sustainability of business activities.

Our programmes include a variety of online and onsite interventions, role play, online and onsite simulations, and challenging project work. We are believers in experiential learning and have a suite of simulations from portfolio management to the running of a modern bank.


Examples of Interventions at the Associate, Graduate and Internship Training Programme

The programme includes a variety of themes, delivering methods and several ways of interaction among the trainers, coaches and participants. The participants are consistently enrolled in our outstanding online learning and collaborating platform that provides over 2,500 screen views on relevant content in four languages.

The Whole Bank Simulation
The Whole Bank Simulation is carried out over multiple periods in the programme. Participants are divided into several groups and play the management team of a large or a medium-size bank.

Each participant is responsible for a specific area: Corporate Strategy, Revenue Management and Finance, Client Management, Technology, Human Resources and Risk Management and is required to make individual but also joint decisions together with other team members.

Based on their decisions, the bank will develop in one or the other direction. Additionally, the teams of the competing banks also make their own decision, which has an impact on the dynamics of the entire simulation.

The participants recognize the interdependencies between different areas of the company and realize the consequences of their own decisions.

The teams are accompanied by experienced coaches that conduct meaningful debriefings after each session to allow participants to reflect how they made their own decisions and how they acted and reacted within their teams.

Capstone Cases
Participants are asked to work on holistic cases in teams and to present their suggestions to a committee of representatives of the institution.

The cases are prepared in a timeframe of 48 hours and focus on a complex actual strategic issue and/or a challenging client scenario. The work of the teams is assessed against various dimensions and feedback is provided to the teams.

Collaboration and Quizzes
The collaboration and learning platform of Fintelligence is available to the participants at all times and allows for various ways of interaction, learning and gamification.

Participants can collaborate with each other anytime, are able to build learning groups and also participate on weekly and/or monthly quizzes, dependent on the priorities of the institution.

For example, participants conduct a monthly quiz on various risk management topics, such as fraud, anti money laundering, and data security.

Sustainability and ESG
Sustainability and ESG play an important role in our society. This is also reflected in our programme. We want to learn from the best and invite outstanding leaders from other businesses that excel in sustainability aspects to our participants’ groups.

They engage with us at «fireplace conversations» and define challenging business scenarios that put our participants in the situation of testing and describing business solutions that help our planet to become more environment friendly.

Client Centricity
Anticipating and responding to clients’ needs is at the heart of any financial services institution.

On the one hand, we conduct role-plays to experience various client situations, be it in different cultural contexts or networking situations, or cases when clients may have been dissatisfied with earlier interactions or in general disappointed with the development of the markets.

On the other hand, we want our participants to be innovative and curious and by working with experts and creative minds of other industries come up with solutions and service offerings for the future that nobody was traditionally thinking of.

Additional Services pre and post the Associate, Graduate and Internship Training Programme

We are happy to also support you before starting and after completing the Associate, Graduate and Internship Training Programme in order to make it a full success.



Before the Programme After the Programme



Before the start of the programme

It is critical that you find the right talent for your institution. On the one hand, you want to be confident that there is a good fit between the selected candidates and the culture and vision of your institution. On the other hand, you would like the selected candidates to possess the right attitude, the appropriate skills and competencies to excel and the acumen to start a successful career at your company.

We can assist you with workforce planning and define the required competencies and skills. Additionally, we can carry out psychometric testing and structured interviews in order to get a better understanding of work attitudes, preferences, vision and motives of the applicants. We are licensed for the majority of psychological tests that are available in the market. Finally, we can also design and execute selection centre activities, such as role-plays, practical work scenarios (including business cases), and cognitive tests.

During the selection process, we can also advise you on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion aspects to make sure that your selection is balanced in terms of gender, ethnicity, personality, thinking style and other relevant factors.


Post-Programme Follow-Up Activities

When the program comes to an end, you may need to determine how the new joiners progress with their career at your institution. It is critical that your new colleagues continue with assignments that best suits their individual strengths and capabilities.

In order to provide you with more information on the profile, preferences, attitude and actual performance of the programme participants, we undertake various interventions to capture and solidify relevant key performance indicators. By consolidating these indicators, you obtain the complete profile of the participants, which then enables you to have an excellent starting point to evaluate how you wish these participants to further progress their careers at your institution.


Case study

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