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Market Study on Trends in Private Banking 2018 – 2019

Private banking has been undergoing fundamental changes for quite some time. New consulting and pricing models are being introduced, while digitization redefines customer contacts, products and processes. Different market strategies of established institutions and new entrants are on the rise. Finally, the consultation is gaining in quality and is strengthened by regulatory certification programs of the client advisors, the central resource in banking.

Fintelligence’s Market Study on Trends in Private Banking 2018-2019 includes the results of extensive discussions with more than 100 domestic and foreign banks and points to groundbreaking future prospects and strategies in the financial sector.

The study examines how different banks assess and anticipate these trends. To open the management summary click on the PDF link below. To receive the full study (in German) as a PDF, pls. send an email to

Management Summary: Market Study on Trends in Private Banking 2018-2019

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